Photo walk on a lightly snowy day

When I saw that it was snowing outside, I realized that I want to go and get a macro shot of a beautiful snowflake – guess what, I couldn’t get it. There were no snowflakes falling, just small pieces of ice.

But I did not come back with an empty SD. Here is what my camera saw today:

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It has been way too long

Hello World – seems like it’s time to greet you again.

I have to apologize to everybody who was waiting for a new post, but it never came.
It has been 4, almost 5 years since my last post – a lot has been going on and I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I took a picture / touched my camera.

Thanks to my work, that has put me under enormous amount of stress for the past few years and a lot of other personal and mental stuff, I felt like I needed something to get away from it.

So – It took me a while to figure out what is the hobby that would help me to escape from this reality and go somewhere else. I tried racing quad copters, but it turned out that if you’re not a Continue reading

It’s done, finished

Rally Estonia 2015 has come to an end.

An epic weekend, full of traveling, dust, gravel and great weather. As I said in the last year: “That was awesome – a great rally!”

You can see the whole collection here:

And those are my favorites:

Before the start
Improvise for a good spot
Detailed madness
img_0022 @ work
Rally selfie

Check out these links for more images: (a click at a time’s photoblog) (my flicker album) (a click at a time’s flicker album)

Take care!
Hope you all had a nice weekend!

An afternon of outdoor adventures

First off – there’s a rally coming up ( – so as always we drove through all of the stages, looking for perfect spots for taking pictures. Unfortunately due to the recent sad events in the Estonian Rally World most of the “good” spots are marked as “prohibited area”, as the organizers can’t guarantee the safety of the spectators outside of the marked areas. Of course there are other reasons as well (crops, private land etc.).
I wish I could sit on that spot all the weekend, but it’s located in the deepest, darkest zone of the “prohibited area”. I hope that all the co-drivers will mark these turns as “slow” or “dangerous”.

With this picture I wish you all a nice weekend, enjoy spectating the rally, driving and get back home safe!

THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia

THE Loch Ness of South-Estonia

After some dusty gravel roads we parked our car and went orienteering. As a fluffy person I decided to pick a shorter track (4km) – I managed to run/walk 4.88km in 1h 1min 40sec. After finishing I realized that my sporty wife took a longer track and wouldn’t be back soon – so I took the camera out yet again. These were the results:

One man's shed is another's castle

One man’s shed is another one’s castle

Infrared field plant (no idea what's it called)

Infrared field plant (no idea what’s it called)

The world of water droplets

The world of water droplets

Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called:

Infrared of an abandoned house. I instantly remembered a song called: “Kerli – Creepshow”


Anyways as I have a lot of followers and I can’t check all of your blogs and homepages – why don’t you leave me a comment on how are you and what are your plans for the weekend?
Take care!

Baby Steps

Here we go.
As my wife had a dentist appointment, I had some time to go trigger happy with my camera.
Few hours with Darktable and here are the results:



I even managed to use the IR filter.

Elva is a 'shroom town

Elva is a ‘shroom town

All my trusty followers – Thanks!



Long time no see.

I remember that in my last post I promised a new picture or a post every week. Seems like I couldn’t keep up to my promises. Actually I haven’t even taken any pictures recently. Why?
Well there are many  reasons.
1) Last minute wedding planning, (I’m married now – Yipeeeee).

2) Changed my xPeria Arcs to Sonim XP3300 (Battery life up to ~3weeks battery life, but no wifi or 3G – that means I won’t be posting on Twitter).

Xperia Arc S

Sonim XP3300 force

3) Changed Windows 7 to Linux Ubuntu (System is a lot of faster and more reliable).

4) Since Linux doesn’t support Lightroom nor Photoshop, I have to use Darktable and Gimp (Takes some time to get used to them).

Darktable vs Lightroom

Hopefully I can post some new pictures soon.
Stay tuned!


It didn’t take as long as I thought.

What changed?
1) I changed the main menu – added different categories for different pictures so in the futures this page will act as a blog or photo journal (whatever the difference is) with all the new images and all the files will be added under a right category as well.

2) Added a logo. BIG BIG !THANK YOU! to who edited the photo of my  17mm canon lens I took earlier this day.

3) Removed twitter feed and the “follow” button from the side menu.

That’s about it. What do you think – Should I change something else too or even switch the site’s theme? Please leave a comment down bellow (what would you like to be different or what do you think what should be changed).

Images from today’s “bird walk” should be uploaded soon!

Today… Last day at school for this week.
Short walk, nice weather.
Looking for a wedding photographer = fucking impossible mission.

All of you who like, share, follow, comment – MANY MANY Thanks! You keep me going.



hot pot

hot pot

Cafe Amore

Cafe Amore

Because a block of flats

Because a block of flats