About me


I decided to update this page of my blog as well.

As you might have realized – my name is Andres
(Andrespildistab in Estonian means Andres takes pictures).

I started with photography (in my mind it was photography) when my mum bought her first Canon Powershot A520 and left her old cameras for me to play. Few years later I managed to occasionally borrow the powershot, to go and take some “real” pictures. Even more years later I realized that photography isn’t just abusing the shutter button, but it’s seeing stuff differently and showing it to others.
This was the point when I deleted most of the pictures I had ever taken. “Digital formatting is cool, but why should I keep pictures that I really don’t like and that won’t tell anything to anybody. A picture has to tell a story or at least say a word,” I thought.
About at the same time I found out what is a DSLR. I didn’t know how to use it or what the difference was, but I knew that I needed one. I even tried to convince my mum to buy me one, but as I wasn’t a spoiled kid, she said “NO!”.
Some time later I managed to take a picture of a bird’s nest which had few little fellas in it and the bird mum sitting on the edge of the nest and looking straight into my lens.

For a competition "My best shot as a photographer"

For a competition “My best shot as a photographer”

At the same time there was a competition going on: “My best shot as a photographer” – can’t remember the actual name, but this is close enough.
I submitted this picture. About a week later – YAY I had won!
I even got a huge map and framed edition of my picture.
After the celebrations I decided to ask my mother for a DSLR again. Still the answer was no. Even if she would have said Yes – I wouldn’t have accepted it, because it would have been unreasonable.
Instead of a camera she bought me a new acoustic guitar – I still have it and I still love it.
Again – years later I looked at the photograph that had placed me first, and realized that my victory had been a miracle – so much noise, wrong exposure time, burnt whites, blurry edges etc. At this point I realized that an A520 won’t take me far. But still – to this day I love this photo of the birds.

Next years were blurry and not at all about photography – It was time to attending university, a time to live my own life. Yeehaaaaw – right?

I started to take pictures again when I got a new phone (Nokia N98 8GB) that had a 5MP camera. The pictures might have even been better than the powershot’s. Years later – a new phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S) This time with 12MP – WOW! massive – the picture quality was superb.

Then I met my girlfriend / fiance / wife, who was (still is) an almost professional photographer (in my eyes). She had an awesome DSLR and she talked about them very passionately – introduced me to all the stuff that comes with a camera (remotes, flashes, tripods, lenses, different books, rule of thirds, composition and so on).
It was so interesting – something that I had loved for a long-long time was now explained to me by someone that I loved even more. Perfect – Right?
At that time I had a JOB – yeah… I was a builder. Shitty one though – my boss always said that he can’t pay me all the money that I had earned, because I had done some mistakes (Can’t say no – everyone makes mistakes). Fuck that. I had money so I decided to quit. For my last paycheck I bought myself my very own first DSLR – Canon 400D Rebel Xti with a 17-85 lens, some filters and a camera condom, which is featured here.

That changed it all – I started to see things differently yet again. I was interested in studying photography and everything that comes with it.

So here we are. I’m still studying and uploading my better pictures to this blog and hopefully you’ll bare with me.

Fortunately I have the best, prettiest, smartest and cutest teacher ever – YouTube!

Just kidding. I love you honey :*