Long time no see.

I remember that in my last post I promised a new picture or a post every week. Seems like I couldn’t keep up to my promises. Actually I haven’t even taken any pictures recently. Why?
Well there are many  reasons.
1) Last minute wedding planning, (I’m married now – Yipeeeee).

2) Changed my xPeria Arcs to Sonim XP3300 (Battery life up to ~3weeks battery life, but no wifi or 3G – that means I won’t be posting on Twitter).

Xperia Arc S

Sonim XP3300 force

3) Changed Windows 7 to Linux Ubuntu (System is a lot of faster and more reliable).

4) Since Linux doesn’t support Lightroom nor Photoshop, I have to use Darktable and Gimp (Takes some time to get used to them).

Darktable vs Lightroom

Hopefully I can post some new pictures soon.
Stay tuned!


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