The Repair Shop


Today aclickatatime ran into a little trouble with her 50mm f1.8 MII.
A little piece of plastic had gotten loose and got stuck between the auto focus gears.
That meant that Andres, the tool man, had to disassemble the lens, put the little piece of plastic back where it belonged to and then make the lens and auto focus to work yet again.
Easy, right? 🙂
Here we go:

First off the lens, still mounted.


Removing the two screws that hold the connector terminal in.


Don’t lose the tiny screws, you’ll need them later!

Removing the back cover.


Here you go, That’s what’s going on behind the small back cover.


Removing the plastic cap with MF / AF switch.IMG_9869

Removing the focus ring’s stopper.

Removing the plastic case.

Removing the front and rear lens and the focus ring.


That’s it. A lot of money just laying on the table.



This is the small plastic piece that ruined the AF gear system.


Putting the AF gears back to their original spot.

IMG_9881All done! AF assembled!


The last steps were to glue back the little plastic piece and re-assemble the lens.
I’m not going to post pictures of gluing and putting it all back together.

Final result: Auto focus works, lens’s insides are nice and clean = epic success for me 🙂 .

NB! If you’re trying to do it yourself – I’m not responsible for the damage you could do to your lens and I don’t encourage you to do it yourself. It’s important to remember to clean it all up before putting it all back together. Some dust is guaranteed if you do it on a table like me. Professional personnel have anti-static screwdrivers and dust-free, vacuum chambers to do this kind of job.

Posting my photo a day picture soon!

Take care!


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