Klaperjaht 2014 pictures

The upload to my Flickr account finished in the early morning.

It took some time, but FINALLY they’re uploaded.

Link to the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100403575@N03

Sorry you all had to wait, but having 830 *.RAW files keeps you busy for quite some time.

To see my favourites, click read more below:
My favorites:


If the driver wants a smoke, he wants a smoke!

No time to be sad

If you’re stuck, you’re stuck. Why to be sad? It’s warm water and a sunny day. Chillz 🙂

You never know where the mud will fly.


That’s about it. A wonderful event. If you’re planning to visit Estonia, you should consider doing it at the same time as the Klaperjaht 2015 (you’re always welcome, don’t get me wrong).

Although – I have to say that if you’re going to visit an off-road event, you should definitely put on some rubber boots. It was quite funny to see wannabe barbies with high heels trying to get through the mud.

Take care!
Photo a day #11 and #12 pictures will be uploaded soon (hopefully).
I can’t promise that I’ll do it today, but definitely in a couple of days.

Thank You!

I hope all of you know, how awesome you are.


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