Looking back to the weekend







I mean it and I’m serious.

This was probably the best motor sports event that I’ve attended this year.
Better than the Rally Estonia? Yes! Definitely.

First – The ticket was cheap. I got mine for 11€ (two day ticket, including the pass to the party in the evening and parking).

Secondly – You could see everything that was going on – a 1,8 kilometer track on the stadium + a lot going on in the forest nearby.

Thirdly – The security was there to actually ensure the safety of people. You want to cross the stage? No problem – go ahead! We’ll let you know if someone is coming. (The off-road vehicles are quite sneaky and quiet sometimes). If I look back to the rally – on one stage (~25km) there were like 5 spots where you were allowed to spectate – all fully packed. You wanted to take a picture of the rally? No! Definitely not – you can’t cross the road, because the security guys wont let you (75% of them) and you can’t be closer than 100 meters to the road, because fuck you!
Klaperjaht – you wanted to take a picture? Yeah, sure! Just get out of the way or stay in a safe spot until the cars have passed. If you get dirty or hurt – that’s your own problem. I actually prefer to get hit by a rally car that moves 160 + km/h, rather than by ~3 tonnes of off-road vehicle. That one won’t even notice if you’re sucked in the air intake like a little child, or if you accidentally end up under their wheels.

Fourthly – You could move around easily, go to very different spots and find good angles. One could really smell the sweat, taste the mud and hear the agony the drivers were in.

Awesome, epic, supreme, all superlatives, and a first-class experience.

In total I took 830 photos of witch 600 (72,3%) were shit.
I wanted to upload the pictures to WordPress, but as the disk space here is quite limited, I decided to add them to my Flickr album. Almost an hour in and the upload is at ~25% (This might take a while). I’ll add a gallery and a Flickr link as soon as the upload is done. Believe me – you want to see them.

I’ll keep you posted.

Tõrva Loits 2014
Well. If you should ever hear of a Estonian band called: “Vallatud vestid” … don’t ever, never ask “What’s that?” or ask to hear some of their songs.
Winny Puhh , Metsatöll – No words, breath taking mad. Click on the links or look them up yourself.
Yet again I’m going to talk about the security.
Well that sucked ass.

Even the driver of the ambulance car had to engage in a “fight” it wasn’t a real flying blood and teeth fight, but still. At the same time ~10 meters away a USS security person just spectating the conflict, nothing done, no help, no reaction.

I entered the area with a kind-of huge backpack (full of lenses, dslr + gadgets, stuff to sit on and some raincoats). Did someone check it? Nope. That’s a bit concerning as I see and hear what’s going on around us in different parts of the world. Of course I would have been furious if someone would have wanted to check the contents of my backpack, but later I would have understood, that it’s actually professional and necessary behavior.
Oh and there is a great point in putting a “No cameras” disclaimer on the tickets – 95% of the spectators have smart phones with cameras that have a lot of megapixels and great in the dark performance.
As far as I’m concerned – USS is one of the firms that I don’t trust and that I will never hire.

Of course you have to understand that that’s just my opinion and I’m not false advertising or forcing you to do anything.

Lets hand out some grades on 10-point scale.
Klaperjaht 2014: 8 of 10
Points were lost because there was a slight lack of information about what was happening on the track (the commentator didn’t know what was going on in the forest or in the areas he couldn’t see). Maybe he even knew, but didn’t say it out loud, because then all the spectators would have rushed to the scene.
They had a drone flying over the spectator’s heads – as I love to fly RC planes and helicopters I know the risks and also that it’s against the law.
I can’t give full points because then there would be no room for improvements.

Tõrva Loits 2014: 6 of 10 – I believe I have talked about it enough.
Metsatöll – 11 of 10
Winny Puhh – 11 of 10
Because I can!

Stay tuned for the link to the gallery!
Thanks for hanging in there and sorry for keeping you in the dark for a few days.


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