Moody B&W


This is a re-post. I’m still wondering what makes me sad on this picture. Every time I look at it I fall into a dark hole. I mean I can feel that I’m in a hole, but I can’t be sure, because it’s dark and I can’t see shit. I can only hear myself saying “fuck”.

This picture makes me think about how I use my time. One day I’ll have all the time I need, but I won’t be able to use it, because of my health or some other reasons. Wish I could organize things better, set some priorities and find solutions faster. The summer is almost over and I haven’t even seen the sea or sunbathe on the beach. I haven’t been on a boat ride nor have I had any water related fun – like NONE. I also haven’t been planning our wedding. At least we have set the date – that’s progress.

Sorry for whining.


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