Something from yesterday

One more picture I took on our walk yesterday.
wild raspberryA wild and lonely raspberry.
I’ve had kind of shitty mood past few days. I’d like to say that’s because I quit smoking and now I’m getting nervous and irritated more easily, but my girlfriend says that’s all made up in my head.

Shit-fuck. I don’t know what I’m ready to do to get a smoke.

Mmmm… that glowing red dot with quiet hissing and kind of crunching sound. The taste that you get while inhaling burnt goods. The small clouds you make while exhaling the mysterious blue smoke that makes everything so calm, that helps you to focus, that stops your mind going crazy.
That feeling what you get while laying back on the chair and closing your eyes. There’s nothing going on in your head, you can pick any topic to think on – getting more details out of it.
I miss you 😦

If I think about it – all the good ideas that I’ve ever had, have come to me while smoking or taking a dump.

Sorry. After all it’s a photography blog. Sorry for mixing it up.
On the other thought I should change it to “Photography and Me” blog.

Posting today’s photo a day post soon.
Take care 🙂


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