Updates! Updates! Updates!
Actually just an update.

Well hello August!

Today I created myself a Twitter user, as I have never been an user before, I decided to give it a try.
My idea was to create a widget and add it to my WordPress site (already done) so you could follow my field activities. I bet all photographers know how frustrating can a field trip be (usually it isn’t, but it can be – trust me!) – so this widget should be something to cheer me up and give some news and reading materials to you. Also as sometimes I cant post daily, the twitter feed has to compensate.

Why Twitter? As WordPress has the widget for it and I don’t like to type long posts on my phone it seemed just perfect.

As I’m not a big fan of social media sites and services I’m afraid that the Twitter feed won’t last long.

Please leave me a comment of what do YOU think – should I give the Twitter feed a try or remove it asap from my site.

Stay tuned and following!


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