Here we go again – Photo a Day by fat mum slim.  I believe I previously tried it a year back.
I hope to get at least half the pictures this time (during the previous event I managed to take only one 😦 ).

To you, who don’t know what “Photo a Day” challenge is – For every day in August there is a topic and you have to take a picture about the given theme. On the 1st of august I have to take a picture of landscape etc.

August Photo a Day

Fat mum slim has interpreted the prompts like this:

1. landscape
Take a photo of a landscape, where ever you are. It could be the city skyline or the hills or the beach or the desert. Share it.
2. lunch
What’s for lunch? Share a photo of what you had for lunch, or what you did at lunchtime.
3. s is for…
Find something that begins with the letter S and take a photo of it.
4. in the middle
Find something in the middle and take a photo of it, or something with something in the middle {jam doughnut comes to mind!}
5. pile
Take a photo of a pile of something. This might be good reason to get your inner stylist out and creative.
6. grateful for…
What are you grateful for? Take a photo.
7. spot
It could be a polka dot or a place you go. Or something else. Perhaps you have a dog called spot? Do you?
8. pet peeve
What annoys you? How can you share it in a creative way?
9. mix
Combine one or more things together. It could be 2-3 photos joined into one using an App, or it could be a picture of you making a cake. Have fun.
10. art
Art is in the eye of the beholder. Share art with us.
11. mirror
Find a mirror and share a photo. I’m wondering if we’ll see a lot of selfies today.
12. gather
Gather means to come together or assemble something. Will you share a photo of people gathering? Or a items together?
13. inside
Share a photo of the inside of something.
14. give
Give means to swap possession. What will you give? Or receive?
15. clouds
Hopefully the weather plays nice. Can you find clouds today?
16. clean
Discover something clean. It could be the simple lines of an object or it could be a space that is clean.
17. dinner
What’s on your plate for dinner? Share it.
18. arrow
You don’t notice the arrows in your life until someone tells you to look out for them. Good luck finding them today.
19. to-do
What needs to be done? Share it.
20. before bedtime
Share a photo of the calm or chaos before bedtime.
21. decorate
It could be an artwork you’ve decorated your home with, or another decoration. Share a photo of it.
22. words
They’re everywhere! Which will you choose to shoot?
23. style
It could be the way something looks, or it could be the way something behaves {he has a swagger when he walks}. Show us some style baby!
24. fragrant
If only we could smell photos. Show us something that smells {hopefully nice!}.
25. mail
We all get mail. Show us yours! {Or perhaps it’s a good excuse to write someone a lovely note and send it!}
26. breakfast
What’s on your plate this morning? Share what you’re eating or what you’re doing at breakfast time.
27. dull
Dull is boring right, and lacking in anything exciting. How can you share dull and make it worth looking at?
28. travel
Yay for you if you’re traveling the world. But if you’re not, share a photo of a mode of travel {could just be walking or riding a bike!}
29. dessert
Oh yes, ALL desserts are calorie-free today. You must have dessert. Share a photo of it.
30. nearby
Share a photo of something that’s near you. Easy.
31. 10am
What are you doing today at 10am? Share a photo of it.

Original post on her site:

Hopefully you will see AT LEAST one post daily for the next month.
Have a nice month, enjoy summer, take pictures and of course like, follow, re-blog, comment, love each other and shit.

Peace, Bu-Bye!


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