As mentioned in the previous post we spent the day out today. We went to the Luke’s manor park – really nice, lovely and green place with an extremely relaxing atmosphere. If you ever should visit South-Estonia I strongly recommend you to go there.
Here is even the link to their homepage:
Weather was beautiful – some solitary small clouds sailing in the big blue sky.
The temperature was too high in my opinion – car’s thermometer showed even 33 degrees C at one point.
After we got home I managed to repair aclickatatime’s f1.8 50mm auto focus problem – it had some hair or fur stuck between the AF gears. I also put the lens back together with only one small part that couldn’t find its place – lens is working fine so it shouldn’t matter 🙂 .

Enough of the text, here are the pictures that I managed to take with aclickatatime’s 18-200mm Tamron (thanks, honey).
Gazebo Summer home summer home v2 stairs gazebo v2

Recently I have also been “hunting” thunder. Really wish to get one proper picture of lightning bolts.
That’s it for now – take care you all!

Oh and THANK YOU NEW FOLLOWERS! You have been noted – a big Thank You to you all!



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