Rally aftermath


In my last post I mentioned that during the “Rally Estonia” my glasses got /rocked/.

Today I decided to set up my own little studio, aka failure, and using light painting, take a picture of my modified glasses.
I used a tripod, 400D with 75-300mm 4-5.6, a LED torch, a white sheet and a cardboard beer box.
Whatever – who cares about some geeky shit, right?
Here is the final result:
Oh. Before the picture. About the “Armani” sign – when I bought myself new glasses I picked the frames that looked kind of normal on me. I discovered the “Armani” sign later, at home. Oh, well…

My Glasses

My Glasses

ISO 100, 140 mm, f 14, exp 9 sec.

I tried not to illuminate the background, instead I tried to create a “Glowing Frames” and “Glowing Glasses” look. It seems like I forgot to clean my glasses before taking the shot.
Rookie mistake, forgive me.


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